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At Bear Park childcare, children are seen as being competent, powerful and capable.

Established in 1986, Bear Park childcare has grown to 10 branches with the latest in St Clair, Dunedin, opening in 2012.

The steady growth over this period demonstrates the dedication of the staff and the loyalty of families, many of who have sent siblings to the same Bear Park as their older brothers and sisters. The philosophy of listening to the children and creating a nurturing environment has assisted in creating close relationships between the parents and childcare Centres.

Bear Park has an on-going involvement with parents, with parent teacher evenings, regular newsletters and an independent parent committee to address any issues raised by parents that may be pertinent to the services offered.

If you would like to come in and see what Bear Park has to offer, please call us now on 0800 232 772 and arrange a viewing. 

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The Bear Park Story: Celebrating 25 years of success and growth

Watch a quick video of the founder and director of Bear Park, Sue Stevely-Cole. She talks about her passion and drive for excellence in early childcare education.

Meet Our Staff: Bear Park childcare is run by people who are passionate and loving

Watch a quick video of some of our children taking a turn at the interviewing, featuring the teachers at Bear Park.

Parents of Bear Park video screenThe Parents of Bear Park: A chat with some wonderful Bear Park parents

Watch a quick video of parents talking about how Bear Park has contributed to the formative years of their children's development.

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