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Bear Park

The Power of a Provocation

  Our learning environments are set up to promote children’s thoughts, discussions, questions, ideas, interest, and creativity. Provocations are learning experiences whereby children can practice, test, construct, and deconstruct their ideas and theories.     Kaiako put time and thought into setting up experiences that invite children to explore and express themselves. Experiences are open-ended …
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Non-Contact Time: What Does it Really Mean?

We chat with Bear Park teacher Cathie-Lee about her opinions on non-contact time for early childhood teachers and why Bear Park’s approach is unique. How is Bear Park’s non-contact time structured? We tend to use the phrase ‘collaborative planning’ instead of ‘non contact time’ as it best describes what we do off the teaching floor. …
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Making shoes for Sanga Nursery, Kenya

Last year, our Remuera teaching team began an investigation based on sustaining an ecological future. We talked to the children about waste and discussed ways to re-purpose materials. The children then decided that they would like to make their own shoes using repurposed objects. As the group learned about what could be recycled and used …
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What is the Future of Education?

Recently, MiNDFOOD editors asked Bear Park to comment on an interesting question: “What is the future of education?” This felt like an enormous question to respond to, so we’d also love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a vision of what schools of the future could look like? Or an opinion on the role …
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