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Epsom Early Childcare Centre

Infant Toddler & Preschool

Bear Park Preschool Epsom is housed in an old historical home that was the main farmhouse for the Market Road area many years ago. The interior of the house is truly reflective of the period that it was built, and is positioned in the centre of over 2000 square meters of land, and stands rather majestically on a slight hill.

From the moment you walk through the stain glass Kauri door you get the impression that you are somewhere special, a place where children and their families can experience an environment that embraces the feeling of a home.  Bay windows draw your gaze outside or encourage you to spend time in the warm sunlight streaming through.

Kauri paneling on the walls aids investigation into the variations of light that are offered, and high ceilings and chandeliers speak of a bygone era that promotes creativity and has an aesthetic quality that is hard to emulate.

Bear Park Child Care

The outside environment is also hard to beat. An oasis in the city.  The garden area is expansive allowing ample space for children to spend time investigating nature, immersed in a garden of established trees that provide dappled sunlight and shrubs that create perfect natural caves and havens.  The outdoor environment encourages role-play and enables the special sense of the imaginary never being far away.

Licensed from three months to five years, each room within Bear Park Childcare Epsom has its own unique character and special features, reflective of the children and teachers within.

The walls are lined with documentation, telling a story of the exciting journey of learning emerging within.  Photographic images of exploration and discovery surround each room.  Children’s artistic representations are displayed with pride and great appreciation.

The immense effort and care taken to share stories of investigation and discovery make it evident that this is an early childhood centre where children’s curiosity & eagerness to learn, is fostered and supported by dedicated and experienced teachers.

The centre has a very loyal teaching team, who are all qualified teachers and very reflective and supportive of our philosophy. Creating meaningful relationships with children and their families is first and foremost. Building a classroom culture based on trust and respect, with shared beliefs and values is paramount, to grow in a stimulating environment whilst having fun, laughter and learning together.

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Contact Information

Centre Owner: 
Sue Stevely-Cole

Vanessa Raikes

Phone: (09) 520 6661
E-mail: patey@bearpark.co.nz 

Centre Information

Licensed for children from:
3 months to five years
50 children
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Epsom
7 Patey Street,

Epsom, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

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