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Creating learning spaces

learning spaces

“It has been said that the environment should act as a kind of aquarium which reflects the ideas, attitudes and lifestyle of the people who live in it.” —Loris Malaguzzi At Bear Park, we create learning spaces of wonder and curiosity that invite children to explore, discover, and engage with rich materials, including natural and …
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Exploring the wilderness as the outdoor classroom

Outdoor classroom

Our tamariki have recently embarked on a new investigation to form rich connections with our community: “In connecting with our bi-cultural identity, we enrich our ecological and sustainable journey.” During this investigation, we took opportunities to form connections and develop relationships with our natural world and its special treasures in the outdoor classroom. To further …
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The Power of a Provocation

  Our learning environments are set up to promote children’s thoughts, discussions, questions, ideas, interest, and creativity. Provocations are learning experiences whereby children can practice, test, construct, and deconstruct their ideas and theories.     Kaiako put time and thought into setting up experiences that invite children to explore and express themselves. Experiences are open-ended …
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