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Herne Bay Early Childcare Centre

Infant Toddler & Preschool

Designed from the outset to use as much natural light as possible, Bear Park Childcare Herne Bay uses transparency to enhance the open and natural environment. The use of mostly natural resources allows for deeper exploration and understanding of our world that is unique to New Zealand.

The Infant Toddler centre consists of two spaces. The Fantails (Babies) provides a nurturing and intimate environment allowing your baby opportunities to explore and create relationships with the world around them. The Kakapo Room (Toddlers) allows further extension to grow and develop, empowering each child to use their environment to further their relationships with both older children and teachers. Both the Fantails and Kakapos share a common outdoor garden and play area separated from the Preschool children by a low fence, allowing both groups to interact, yet remain in an environment designed for their individual needs.

Herne Bay

In the Preschool there are two classrooms dedicated to specific age groups, each offering ample opportunities for creative learning within several spaces. The Kea Room promotes independence and encourages children to begin forming their own theories as individuals and within group settings. The older Tui children focus on exploring their ideas, theories and concepts whilst engaging in long-term investigations to test their hypotheses. Within the Tui Room children experience further opportunities to build their own individual identity as well as developing an identity as part of a group.

A shared dining space and Atelier (art studio) are at the heart of the Preschool environment, connecting the two age groups.  The Atelier is a space where the children come to either work on an investigation, or to explore an idea through a variety of art media and materials, for example; paint, clay, pencils, charcoal, pastels or wire.   This is a quiet and reflective area where children can slow down, knowing they have the space, time and materials to further develop their theories.

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Contact Information

Centre Owner/Franchisee: 
Sarah and Lee McIntyre

Preschool Supervisor:
Hayley Pascoe

Infant Toddler Supervisor:
Chloe Stockman

Phone: (09) 376 0232
E-mail: hernebay@bearpark.co.nz

Centre Information

Age of children catered for:
3 months to 5 years olds
25 under two's
50 over two's
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Herne Bay
42 Shelly Beach Rd,
Herne Bay, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

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