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Kohimarama Early Childcare Centre

Infant Toddler & Preschool

Bear Park Childcare Kohimarama opened in August 2005 as a purpose built Early Childhood Education Centre comprised of an Infant Toddler Centre and a Preschool. It is set in a residential area in Kohimarama and is surrounded by well established homes and mature gardens.

Our sincere team of teachers is committed to working collaboratively with children, whānau, and colleagues, and valuing our Bear Park philosophy which is strongly inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Respecting children and listening to their hundred languages are paramount in our teaching practice, while fostering dispositions of learning and being supported by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki. Teachers at Bear Park Kohi are dedicated to providing an aesthetically pleasing and rich learning environment, flowing both indoors and out, truly viewing it as the third teacher. Our Centre has a light and airy atmosphere, with large open spaces which are complemented by small intimate areas to provoke deep exploration amongst small groups or individuals.

The Infant Toddler Centre has two spacious play areas, separating 3 to 18 months and 18 months to 2 ½ years, providing experiences and interactions that support and challenge the children’s learning and interests. There are two sleep rooms with individual cots to offer security and comfort. Our flow of the day is flexible to suit both the individual and the group, and we work hard to maintain similarities with home life.

The Preschool caters for children from two to Jive years of age, with a variety of inviting spaces that promote small group learning interactions. At various times throughout the day the Preschool children separate into smaller groups according to age, where they engage in collaborative meeting times and focused investigations. Our educational programme is carefully planned to extend on the children’s own ideas and theories about the world around them, promoting enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards learning. Throughout our daily programme we interweave a variety of curriculum areas and support the children to develop independence and self-help skills, ensuring they are ready and excited for the next step in their education.

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Contact Information

Centre Owner/Franchisee: 
Sue Stevely-Cole

Centre Supervisor: 
Megan Storey

Phone: (09) 528 0427

E-mail: kohi@bearpark.co.nz

Centre Information

Age of children catered for:
3 months to 5 years olds
62 children
Bear Park Early Childcare Centre - Kohimarama
318 St Heliers Bay Rd,
Kohimarama, Auckland
7.30am to 6.00pm daily
Monday to Friday 

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